RACORS GmbH is a German company founded 2013 by Martin Raubuch who brings in more than 25 years experience in digital IP development specifically in the areas of microprocessor architecture & implementation, data streaming, communication protocols and multimedia.

IP Deliverables

All IPs

  • Synthesizable Verilog RTL

  • Specification

In addition for Processors & DSPs

  • Assembler

  • Instruction set simulator

  • Cycle accurate simulator

Tools are delivered as binaries for cygwin and linux and include a user manual.

In addition for intelligent (System) IPs

There are two options regarding tools and firmware deliverables:

  • IP functions that are developed according to an existing standard or customer specifications are delivered as black box. Users don't need to be exposed to the processor(s) contained in the block, related tools and firmware.

  • Users that want to understand the internal details of the IP block, e.g. to be able to modify or upgrade functionalities on their own can get the required tools and firmware source code.