Focus on intelligent IP containing processor(s) & firmware

Self contained IP blocks

Example: UDP/IP/Ethernet data streaming from/to a custom interface

Example: data streaming from/to SD flash cards to/from a custom interface

Example: MP3 playback from network or SD card

Intelligent Peripherals

Offload the SoC's main CPU from time-critical, low-level tasks

Example: MPEG transport demux with A/V streaming, lip sync and data filtering

Design Services

Digital circuit development based on customer specification

IP Blocks and complete FPGA designs

Fast time-to-market due to high reuse potential of components from the existing IP pool

Adaptation/Modification of availabe IPs from the pool

E.g. to meet interface requirements of the target application

Large pool of available IPs

Processors & DSPs


Other (non-processor) IPs

Overview Common_Properties

Ethernet MAC, 100MB, 1GB, MII or RGMII PHY interface

SD/SDHC/eMMC Host Controller, 1-bit/4-bit/8-bit card I/f

Serial I/O: SPI, I2C, UART, ISS, PS2, IR-Remote


Display-Controllers: bilinear resizing, YCrCb->RGB color conversion

Misc.: I/D Caches, DMA, Timers, Interr.-Contr., Debug-I/f

MP3 audio decoder, optimized firmware for the eco32 processors

MPEG4-ASP video decoder, combination of SIMD-DSP, firmware & hardware accelerators